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"Get Into Optimum Health"

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If you decide that you want to invest in a personal trainer to help you achieve your goal there are a lot to choose from.  So why would you come to me?


Like all good trainers I am continually studying to learn new techniques and to increase experience in a bid to gain the best results I can for my clients.  Even though I already possess a wealth of experience in nutritional issues, I am currently building on this by studying for the Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management (see nutrition page).  Remember whether you're looking at losing weight, gaining weight, getting fitter, faster or stronger a huge factor is based around what, when and how much you eat and drink.


Most good trainers have a ‘speciality whether it's weight loss, general fitness, sports specific fitness, strength, endurance, muscle building etc. Although I cover most subjects in health and fitness my speciality is in nutrition and weight loss.  However I've worked with many clients covering all of the above over the years and achieving some great results along the way.


Virtually all of my clients past and present would be more than happy to talk to you about their experiences training with me and I am sure they would have no hesitation in recommending my services.  (See testimonials page)

When you are looking to make a lifestyle change and to improve your health, fitness and confidence it is a big commitment.  The changes don't happen overnight.  Most of my clients have been with me for a while and they have seen the changes happen.


The cost of training depends on whether the client is booking a block of 5 or 10 sessions.  The majority of my clients sign up for the 10 session option as this works out slightly cheaper.  Also the cost will depend on where you want to workout and my travelling distance to and from the client.  In addition I do packages that include nutrition and training together, or separately.  


I always meet my clients first for a free 1 hour consultation to discuss their goals and the way forward. This allows us to get to know each other prior to commencement of the training.  You have to feel 100% comfortable with each other so that first meeting is essential.  


So if you've got a challenge, event, holiday or wedding coming up, contact me, let's meet up and discuss how I can get you into optimum health.