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"Get Into Optimum Health"

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Mat Pilates is a great way to help slow down the ageing process and to stretch and strengthen your body using primarily the muscles of the core and is based on the original methodology created in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates.


Regular Mat Pilates sessions will also improve your coordination, mobility, flexibility, breathing, balance, concentration, posture and general wellbeing.  In time you will learn to stand up straighter, lengthen through the spine ready for those advancing years.

Mat Pilates uses many of the original moves that have been adapted to work with just your body and a floor mat for cushioning and support and the exercises included in a mat Pilates class become more difficult and complex as you progress and become fitter and stronger.

So, whatever your age, fitness level or activity level or ability try adding some Mat Pilates to your weekly routine for Optimum Health.  

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